Melbourne’s leading crafter of wrought iron security doors

Wrought iron gates and scrims to protect your front doors are the perfect way to improve your home or business’s security without compromising on visual appeal. At Wrought Iron Renovators, we use traditional forging techniques to construct security doors and gates from a range of timeless designs.

We also provide repair, renovation services for existing wrought iron and steel fixtures, including sandblasting away old paint, and applying a protective powder coating that is available in a number of colours to suit your home’s colour palette.

To find out how we can give your old wrought iron a new lease on life, call us today on 0406 178 128.

Repair and recolouring services for wrought iron security doors

As strong as wrought iron and steel is, it’s still susceptible to breaking, discolouration and damage. Getting replacements can be extremely expensive and time consuming, especially if new pieces have to be forged. Even a task that seems simple, like painting your gates a new colour, can prove to be significantly tricker than you might think.

At Wrought Iron Renovators in Melbourne, we specialise in repair, restoration and re-colouring services for all things wrought iron and steel, including front doors, security gates, fencing panels, decretive window grilles, and more.

From sandblasting away cracked and old enamel, power coatings or paint, to replacing the mesh on your security door, we are committed to offering an extensive and holistic range of services in Melbourne that will breathe completely new life into your wrought iron fixtures.

Melbourne’s wrought iron restoration experts

Enhance the look and security of your home with help from Wrought Iron Renovators. With an eye for detail and extensive knowledge of the crafting, maintenance and restoration of wrought iron and steel, we can provide the services you need to get your gates, doors or other security fixtures looking like new.

If you have any questions about repairs for wrought iron security doors and gates, or any of our other services including sandblasting or re-meshing, please feel free to get in touch. You can do so by emailing us directly in Melbourne at info@wroughtironrenovators.com.au or by calling directly on 0406 178 128. We’ll endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible and provide a quote based on your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.0406 178 128